A world boss is a high level monster designed to be fought by a large number of players. The current world bosses in the game are Kzarka, Karanda, Kutum, Nouver and Watcher Offin Tett.


Kzarka spawns in the depths of Serendia Shrine in southern Serendia.

Notable Loot

Kzarka drops yellow grade primary weapons.


Karanda spawns in the highest peak of Karanda Ridge in northeastern Calpheon.

Notable Loot

This boss drops yellow grade awakening weapons, which require level 56+ to use, as well as completing a quest to unlock the skill tree.


Kutum spawns in the bottom of the Scarlet Sand Chamber to the northeast of Rock Post.

Notable Loot

Nouver drops yellow grade off-hand weapons.


Nouver spawns to the southeast of the Sand Grain Bazaar, inside the desert.

Notable Loot

Nouver drops yellow grade off-hand weapons.

Watcher Offin Tett

Watcher Offin Tett spawns in the Mirumok Ruins.

Notable Loot

Watcher Offin Tett drops yellow grade primary weapons.

Quint, Muraka and Vell

While Quint, Muraka and Vell have fixed spawn times (before the other world bosses had them), only spawn once per week as an event, were referred to as Raid Bosses and Event Bosses in early statements and do not share the same type of unique loot the others have (yellow grade weapons) they're now called World Bosses and are included in the World Boss timetable.


Quint spawns in Quint Hill.


Muraka spawns west of the Mansha Forest/Lake Kaia.


Vell spawns in Vell's domain in the ocean.

NA&EU World Boss timetable

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