This page is about the world of Black Desert. If you're looking for information about the world map inside the game, check the World Map page.


Current map. Shows new geography but does not include all the landmass.

The world of Black Desert consists of a very large main continent, a large island in the northeast and an archipelago of small islands in the northwest. It is assumed that the continent is in the southern hemisphere of the world - which seems to have no name.

There's also another continent on the northwest, possibly called Haso,[1] that is home to the Kingdom of Haso, of which Port Ratt is a part.

There are also other lands spoken of that aren't included in any map. They are:

  • The lands of the Far East from where Asian-looking travelers sometimes show up (probably Haso, which is Asian-looking but is in the northwest in the current game world map).[2]
  • The land the Gyfin Rhasia left before establishing themselves in the southern part of Kamasylvia.

The current year ingame seems to be 286 if various sources of lore are matched.


There are currently seven territories explorable in the game.

Balenos symbol
Mediah symbol
Valencia symbol
Calpheon symbol
Serendia symbol
Kama symbol03
Drieghan [3]
Drieghan symbol



Old map of the game world.

The main political institutions that reign in this world are:


  • There might exist the mythical origin of the people of Valencia on a large island or continent in the west called Selenaera. Source not found.[7]
  • There was information that, at release in North America, the year was roughly 50 years after the death of Valencian king Imur Nesser which means the game starts in the year 316 of the Elion calendar. Source not found.


  1. It's unknown if Haso is the name for the whole continent, a part of it or even if it's a single continent.
  2. The explanation with more evidence points to the fact that they did this taking into account the fact that the world is round and you can get to the Kingdom of Haso both from Valencia (the Far East) or the northwest (Port Ratt).
  3. Drieghan is released in Korea and Japan.
  4. There's no known title for the state the elves have on their land. They're a monarchy, but they do not call themselves a kingdom. The Kama-Grána is the name of the government.
  5. Proper name will be added when translated from korean, if there's any.
  6. Only available area is Port Ratt.
  7. Likely old lore from before release or from a bad translation. Oldest site with the name says it's from the official russian site from back then. Site not found.