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Sunrise Herb
Sunrise Herb
Type Consumable
Subtype Herb
Weight 0.10 Weight
Buy price 500 Silver
Sell price 20 Silver

This page is for the item. See Sunrise Herb (Knowledge) for the knowledge.


The Sunrise Herb that glows at daybreak. Its appearance doesn't really live up to its glorious name, but it does look kind of pretty.[1]

How to obtain

It can be produced at Balenos Forest and Cron Castle Site Gathered in the wild bare-handed or with any type of Hoe, or produced at a node.

Nodes that produce it

Node Name Node Manager Territory Contribution Points
35px|link= Balenos Forest Daphne DelLucci Balenos 2
35px|link= Cron Castle Site Beedle Balenos 1


Sunrise Herb can be used in Alchemy.


(See individual product pages for possible other materials/ingredients needed.)

Product Amount Required Crafting Method Skill Required
35px|link= x Sunrise Herb


Consuming this item without Cooking will grant a special buff, but you may be poisoned!