Shaking is a processing skill where two ingredients are mixed together to create other resources, mainly cooking ingredients.

Shaking: Beginner

For more advanced shaking, you need to learn the knowledge Shaking: Beginner from Lara in Heidel City by completing her quest Toys (?) for Kids. The quest unlocks when you get access to the quest Learning Higher Processing Skills, which can be obtained in two ways: Have Gathering Apprentice 4 and get the quest directly from Ficy in Heidel City, or complete the questline started by the Black Spirit as you enter Heidel City.
The Black Spirit will ask you to go to Jemkas Wyrmbane, who will have the quest Because I Like You, which requires you to either have Gathering Beginner 7 or have completed the quest Go to the Northern Heidel Quarry.
Complete the rest of the questline to get access to Learning Higher Processing Skills and Lara's quest:

Shaking: Skilled

Shaking: Skilled is given as an achievement reward for reaching Processing Artisan 1.


Product Ingredient #1 Ingredient #2 Skill Required
Butter icon Butter 1x Cream 1x Salt Processing Beginner 1[1]
Cream icon Cream 1x Milk 1x Sugar Processing Beginner 1[2]
Indigo Lapis Lazuli icon Indigo Lapis Lazuli 7x Resplendent Lapis Lazuli 3x Gem Polisher Shaking: Skilled[3]
Tough Flax Fabric icon Tough Flax Fabric 10x Flax Fabric 1x (Guild) Hekaru's Spike Shaking: Skilled[4]
Bud of Time ? ? ?[5]
Supreme Fancy Feather icon Supreme Fancy Feather 3x Fine Fancy Feather 5x Leather Glaze Shaking: Skilled[6]
Supreme Lightweight Plume icon Supreme Lightweight Plume 3x Fine Lightweight Plume 5x Leather Glaze Shaking: Skilled[7]
Supreme Fancy Reptile Skin icon Supreme Fancy Reptile Skin 3x Fine Fancy Reptile Skin 5x Leather Glaze Shaking: Skilled[8]
Supreme Thick Fur icon Supreme Thick Fur 3x Fine Thick Fur 5x Leather Glaze Shaking: Skilled[9]
Supreme Thin Hide icon Supreme Thin Hide 3x Fine Thin Hide 5x Leather Glaze Shaking: Skilled[10]
Supreme Hard Hide icon Supreme Hard Hide 3x Fine Hard Hide 5x Leather Glaze Shaking: Skilled[11]
Supreme Tough Hide icon Supreme Tough Hide 3x Fine Tough Hide 5x Leather Glaze Shaking: Skilled[12]
Supreme Soft Hide icon Supreme Soft Hide 3x Fine Soft Hide 5x Leather Glaze Shaking: Skilled[13]
Star Diamond icon Star Diamond 7x Resplendent Diamond 3x Gem Polisher Shaking: Skilled[14]
Forest Emerald icon Forest Emerald 7x Resplendent Emerald 3x Gem Polisher Shaking: Skilled[15]
Gold Topaz icon Gold Topaz 7x Resplendent Topaz 3x Gem Polisher Shaking: Skilled[16]
Ocean Sapphire icon Ocean Sapphire 7x Resplendent Sapphire 3x Gem Polisher Shaking: Skilled[17]
Blood Ruby icon Blood Ruby 7x Resplendent Ruby 3x Gem Polisher Shaking: Skilled[18]
Freekeh Flour Dough icon Freekeh Flour Dough 1x Freekeh Flour 1x Mineral Water Processing Beginner 1[19]
Teff Flour Dough icon Teff Flour Dough 1x Teff Flour 1x Mineral Water Processing Beginner 1[20]
Corn Dough icon Corn Dough 1x Corn Flour 1x Mineral Water Processing Beginner 1[21]
Sweet Potato Dough icon Sweet Potato Dough 1x Sweet Potato Flour 1x Mineral Water Processing Beginner 1[22]
Potato Dough icon Potato Dough 1x Potato Flour 1x Mineral Water Processing Beginner 1[23]
Barley Dough icon Barley Dough 1x Barley Flour 1x Mineral Water Processing Beginner 1[24]
Wheat Dough icon Wheat Dough 1x Wheat Flour 1x Mineral Water Processing Beginner 1[25]
Organic Fertilizer icon Organic Fertilizer 1x Byproduct Fertilizer 2x Distilled Water
or 3x Bottle of Sea Water
or 3x Bottle of River Water
or 3x Bottle of Turbid Water
or 3x Bottle of Clean Water
or 2x Purified Water
Processing Beginner 1[26]
Byproduct Fertilizer icon Byproduct Fertilizer 3x Inorganic Fertilizer 2x Leavening Agent Processing Beginner 1[27]


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