Maehwa icon

While the Maehwa (Korean Swordfighter) may have a subtle name, their dashing and agile style of combat is anything but subtle. These female fighters specialize in their own symbiotic style of combat weaving in and out of fights to unleash their fury from up close with their sword, only to dash away a second later and strike at vulnerabilities with a short bow. The Maehwa is the female counterpart to the Musa.

Play Style

Maehwa employ a very interesting style of combat within Black Desert, being deadly from close quarter fighting, yet still being able to unleash pain from a distance in a beautiful hybrid blend of melee and range. While not exactly built for taking hits, their mobility more than makes up for it by allowing them to dash around the battlefield.

One of the benefits available to the class comes in the form of being able to lock down single opponents long enough to usually kill them, making them excellent for solo PvP and PvE. They're certainly welcome into group combat, but their roles will be fairly limited as they lack the survivability to engage in the front line, and sieges can be fairly tricky to find a window to attack and not wind up dead.

Overall the class is fairly quick to pick up and play, and leaves plenty of room for growth into expert level play. Making this a good choice for seasoned players, and still viable for newer players after a learning curve.