Heidel guard

The Kingdom of Heidel ruled over the Serendia territory with the seat being in Heidel City before the army of Calpheon took its king prisoner. King Crucio was only released when he agreed to the three demands of Calpheon:

  • Heidel cannot mass forces or field their army.
  • All diplomacy and trade is to be conducted through Calpheon.
  • Serendia's Black Stones become Calpheon property.


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Culture & People

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While the peace treaty stated that Heidel could not field their army, its capital, towns and roads are well guarded and under orders from Calpheon it has a guard camp on Balenos where its most condecorated commander, Cliff, is stationed at. The colors of the army are white and green.

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Notes & Trivia

Political status

Besides these rules it is unclear if the kingdom is now a vassal state, still a sovereign kingdom or if it exists at all, though it's been called a subordinate state annexed to Calpheon[1] and Serendia the fifth dominion of Calpheon[2].

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