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Kamasylvia is the territory south of Calpheon. The ancestral homeland of all elves, it's composed of various kinds of forests, a giant steppe in the center-right and mountain ranges on the north and northwest, separating it from Calpheon, the east, separating it from the Arid Lands and Drieghan, and the south where the Gyfin Rhasia Temple is located. An unexplored ocean borders it on all other directions.

Most of the territory is under the government of the Kama-Grána, the council that runs law and order from the capital city, Grána, under the rule of the monarch. The current monarch is Queen Brolina.


Birth of Kamasylvia and the elves

According to elven mythology, before the recorded history, in the beginning of time, a holy tree settled its root at the highest place of the forest. The Goddess Sylvia came down with spirits of nature and gave the name of Kamasylve to the tree, and conceived life from the energy of the sun and moon. The land beneath the tree was soon called Kamasylvia.

The Goddess bore twins. The child that held the brightness of the sun was named Ganelle, and the child that held the darkness of the moon was called Vedir. After raising her twins the Goddess returned to the skies, leaving behind the holy tree in which she embedded her spirit. The twins established a prosperous civilization under protection of the spirits and the holy tree.[1]

Black Star of Kamasylvia

A long time ago, a large black meteor crashed in the Kabua Mountain on the northern edge of Kamasylvia, and the area around the crater was said to be destroyed. Because of the meteor, the formerly green forest surrounding the Kabua Mountain transformed. Because of the ash color of the woods and the thick fog blanketing the forest, the forest got the name Ash Forest.[2]

The Disaster of Darkness

Around the year 235 an invasion of Black Spirits occur over the Valtarra Mountains. It devastates parts of the forest reducing it to ashes. As the elves had no prior need for martial training, the role of protector of the realm resides solely with Kamasylve, the sacred tree. As the people of Kamasylvia searches for a way to help protect their homeland, an elf, possibly Viorencia Odore, insists on burning the essence of the holy tree to obtain more power from it. It succeeds but leaves the Kamasylve so deeply wounded that it's driven into a deep slumber.

To be continued...

Nodes in Kamasylvia


  1. Grána


  1. Old Wisdom Tree
  2. Tooth Fairy Cabin


  1. Lemoria Guard Post
  2. Lemoria Beacon Towers
  3. Central Lemoria Camp
  4. Acher Southern Camp
  5. Acher Western Camp
  6. Acher Guard Post


  1. Atanis Pond
  2. Caduil Forest
  3. Shady Tree Forest
  4. Valtarra Mountains
  5. Holo Forest
  6. Okiara River
  7. Southern Kamasylvia
  8. White Wood Forest
  9. Polly's Forest
  10. Looney Cabin
  11. Krogdalo Trace
  12. Weenie Cabin
  13. Western Valtarra Mountains
  14. Yianaros's Field

Trading Post

  1. Viv Foretta's Cabin
  2. Lake Flondor


  1. Kamasylvia Vicinity
  2. Valtarra - Altar of Training
  3. Manshaum Forest
  4. Navarn Steppe
  5. Gyfin Rhasia Temple
  6. Mirumok Ruins
  7. Tooth Fairy Forest
  8. Loopy Tree Forest


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