Every character in the world of Black Desert has a zodiac sign (ingame referred to as "horoscope") which affects their personality and impacts how successful two can be in conversations and thus gaining Amity.

The signs are:

  • D R A G O N:  Prestigious, exalted, attentive, sensitive, social.
  • C A M E L: Patient, enduring, docile, witty.
  • G I A N T: Dreamer, ambitious, nimble, observer.
  • S H I E L D:  Rational, disciplined, deliberate.
  • B O A T:  Relaxed, optimistic, free, wanderer.
  • H A M M E R: Brave, conservative, righteous, cooperative, combative.
  • K E Y: Attentive, scholar, relaxed, determined.
  • G O B L I N: Linguist, opinionated, intelligent, materialistic, adaptable.
  • S E A L I N G S T O N E:  Careful, quaint, secretive, ephemeral.
  • W A G O N: Ambitious, wealthy, noble, calculating.
  • E L E P H A N T:  Honorable, strong, crass, committed, trustworthy.
  • O W L: Naive, stereotypical. Either very wise or an idiot.