Heating allows a limited number of items to be heated, like metal ore to create metal shards.
It is available through the basic heating menu (hit 'L' per default). This is possible without prerequisites.

Heating: Beginner

Ingot-making needs more skill than creating metal shards, so you either create them at a Mineral Workbench by a worker or you do it manually once you've acquired the actual knowledge "Heating: Beginner": You need to have Gathering Apprentice (4) and then go to the Dwarf Jemkas in Northern Guard Camp. He gives you a quest and a small fence asking you to grow a Greasy Seed he has. Afterwards he sends you to Alejandro Farm for quests which then ask you go to Luciano in Heidel City ("Settling Down in Heidel") for some free bed and decoration and to go to Workshop Manager Ficy in Heidel City. The latter asks you to perform three quests for Heidel citizen at the market (quest "Learning Higher Processing Skills") which include the "Pure Water for an Experiment" given by Material Vendor Flaviano in Heidel City. This teaches you "Heating: Beginner".

Heating: Skilled


Product Ingredient #1 Ingredient #2 Skill Required
Sturdy Loopy Tree Plywood[1]
Sturdy Moss Tree Plywood[2]
Pure Noc Crystal[3]
?[4] 10x Lvl. 3 Armor Upgrade Stone 1x Hard Black Crystal Shard
?[5] 10x Lvl. 3 Weapon Upgrade Stone 1x Sharp Black Crystal Shard
Hard Pillar[6]
Margoria Dark Iron[7]
Black Gold Ingot[8]
Moonlight Opal[9]
Sturdy Elder Plywood[10]
Sturdy Palm Plywood[11]
Pure Mithril Crystal[12]
Pure Titanium Ore[13]
Pure Vanadium Ore[14]
Pine Coated Plywood[15]
Jade Coral Ingot[16]
Sturdy Acacia Plywood[17]
Sturdy White Cedar Plywood[18]
Pure Silver Crystal[19]
Pure Zinc Crystal[20]
Pure Tin Crystal[21]
Pure Copper Crystal[22]
Pure Lead Crystal[23]
Pure Iron Crystal[24]
Sturdy Cedar Plywood[25]
Sturdy Fir Plywood[26]
Sturdy Birch Plywood[27]
Sturdy Pine Plywood[28]
Sturdy Maple Plywood[29]
Sturdy Ash Plywood[30]
Pure Platinum Crystal[31]
Pure Gold Crystal[32]
Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Armor)[33] 1x Hard Black Crystal Shard 2x Black Stone (Armor)
Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Weapon)[34] 1x Sharp Black Crystal Shard 2x Black Stone (Weapon)
Processed Coal[36]
Lump of Raw Sugar[37]
Knitting Yarn[38]
Silk Thread[39]
Flax Thread[40]
Cotton Yarn[41]
Sun-Dried Salt[42]
Distilled Water[44]
Magical Shard[45]
Brilliant Opal[46]
Blue Crystal[47]
Violet Crystal[48]
Platinum Ingot[49]
Melted Platinum Shard[50]
Gold Ingot[51]
Melted Gold Shard[52]
Silver Ingot[53]
Melted Silver Shard[54]
Healing Stone[55]
Black Crystal[56]
Green Crystal[57]
Red Crystal[58]
Mud Crystal[59]
Translucent Crystal[60]
Polished Opal[61]
Noc Ingot[62]
Melted Noc Shard[63]
Mythril Ingot[64]
Melted Mythril Shard[65]
Titanium Ingot[66]
Melted Titanium Shard[67]
Vanadium Ingot[68]
Melted Vanadium Shard[69]
Bronze Ingot[70]
Brass Ingot[71]
Zinc Ingot[72]
Melted Zinc Shard[73]
Tin Ingot[74]
Melted Tin Shard[75]
Copper Ingot[76]
Melted Copper Shard[77]
Lead Ingot[78]
Melted Lead Shard[79]
Iron Ingot[80]
Melted Iron Shard[81]