Flax Thread
Flax Thread
Type Crafting Material
Weight 0.10 Weight
Value 340 Silver

How to Obtain

It can be produced at Kamasylve Temple, Costa Farm, and Moretti Plantation.

It can also be crafted from Flax. 1x Flax Thread is crafted from Grinding 5x Flax.

Nodes That Produce It

Node Name Node Manager Territory Contribution Points
Kamasylve Temple Herawen Mediah 2
Costa Farm Mael Costa Serendia 2
Moretti Plantation Mercianne Moretti Serendia 2


Flax Thread is used in Alchemy and Processing.


(See individual product pages for possible other materials/ingredients needed.)

Product Amount Required Crafting Method Skill Required
Flax fabric icon Flax Fabric 10x Flax Thread Grinding Grinding: Beginner

Worker production:

(See individual product pages for possible other materials needed.)

Design or License Amount Required Residence Required
Icon x Flax Thread Room type + level