Drying is method of processing often used for:

  • drying and preserving fish
  • turning animal skins (unfortunately still called "hides" in the game) into fur and hides
  • obtaining salt from Saltwater
  • producing inorganic fertilizer from grains and potatoes
  • Making cheese from milk
  • preparing Jerky from meat (weasel, wolf, fox)
  • preparing Rare Jerky from deer, pork, beef, waragon, rhino or dinosaur)
  • creating a haystack from 50 weed for raising lifestock by farming

Drying can be formed by hitting 'L' by default at any time of the day but only if it is not raining.

The knowledge 'Drying: Beginner' can be obtained in Heidel City from Techthon the Blacksmith after one has achieved Gathering: Apprentice (4).