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It may exist in some versions of Black Desert Online, but is not currently implemented into the EU / NA version.

Drieghan symbol

Drieghan, also known as the land of dragons,[1] is a mountainous landlocked territory. It borders Serendia to the north, Mediah to the northeast, the Snowlands[2] to the east, Ordilita[3] to the southwest, Kamasylvia to the west and Calpheon to the northwest.[4]

It's said to be a land of high peaks and long valleys with dragons.


Note: The text below was fan translated from the official Korean website. It contains huge errors that will be fixed when the official English text is released together with the territory.
Drieghan scenery

Year 185

In Drieghan, the land of dragons, a long time ago a tribe killed a dragon and soaked in its blood. The tribe that drew the blood of the dragon suffered consequences. Their skin became more and more like a dragon, scaly, and they grew in size. They decided to call themselves the Sherekhan.

The first settlement of Drieghan was situated to the east where various small tribes combined to become one under the elected rule of the one called Akum, one of the Sherekhan.

But the glory of the tribe seemed to end before even a year had passed. The land where they settled suffered a terrible drought, and on the dry land everyone died for a drop of water. When the last warriors of the Sherekan were to die, a historian wrote that the spilled blood of the dragon turned into a disaster, and the history of the Sherekan people was expected to be completed in just one verse.[5]

The last survivor of the Sherekhan that killed the dragon, Akum, planted the dragon's tooth to the ground and said, "Bless this land where I buried the tooth with rain." Thanks to the dragon's curse invoked by their ancestors the younger generations, who didn't inherit the scaly skin, began a long wandering life.

Year 226

Finally, raindrops fell from the sky. Forty years of drought ended and rain sprung up in the dried gorge. That was the birth of Duvencrune, a land of waterfalls and lakes where the dragon's teeth had fallen asleep.

The descendants of the Sherekhan, tired of their long wandering life, found relief in that land. But something had changed them in those forty years. They had become smaller and weaker. The disaster they had faced wasn't just the drought. They were the descendants of Sherekhan who had mighty bodies and power greater than what a giant wields, but in the later years their bodies became smaller and weaker. However, compared to the joy of being able to settle down, it didn't matter to them their new size.

Year 235

While the descendants of the dragon people[6] had to wander for a long time with legends of the now extinct dragons, the knowledge that Drieghan was a land of dragons continued to live on in the collective imagery of the region outside of its borders and for that reason the neighboring countries didn't dare trespass. The rumor that it was a barren wasteland did not disappear even though the drought had disappeared years ago, and the existence of Duvencrune, the capital, remained a mystery many years after its foundation.

The head of the dragon in the Sherekhan Necropolis divided the territory into five areas. The Sherekhan Necropolis was more than just a relic or a grave for their descendants. It became a custom in their culture to do a religious celebration three times each year to receive the blessings of their ancestors.

Year 276

On a calm night, a small pond near the Drieghan border burned up. It was the Ahib people from Kamasylvia who broke the peace. They came from the Salun Bear territory, fleeing Kamasylvia and crossing into Drieghan to invade it. The clash between Ahib and Drieghan's vigilantes was soon overcome by the Kamasylvian forces who had been chasing the Ahib. The vigilantes of Drieghan knew they didn't have manpower enough to stop the clash between the Ahib and the other elven army. The man who led the vigilantes in this incident, Dugref, called for an army to defend the pride of the Sherekhan, saying that he wanted to create an army to protect Duvencrune. There was no alternative.

Year 286

Drieghan node map

Drieghan node map from Famme's BDO map.

A hunter walked into the night hunting and witnessed a strange sight. The dragon wings spread over the hill ... It was clearly a dragon. "The dragon appeared!" The hunter started shouting, from the hill all the way to Duvencrune, at night.

Dugref, who had become the town's chief, grabbed its two trembling hands. The Sherekhan were known as the descendants of the dragon, but it was the first time any of them actually saw one. Most of all what they felt was fear because they knew that they could not deal with dragons with their small army. After several rounds of meetings, the town mayor Dugref decided that they needed mercenaries, regardless of the opposition faced.

Hunters, mercenaries and retired soldiers weren't enough. They sent a notice to each neighboring country that stated "We welcome anyone who can fight" and announced that the Sherekhan's story of war had started again.[7][8]

As of late Kamasylvia has been suffering invasions from gargoyles native to Drieghan.[9]


Nodes and other areas
Capital Duvencrune
Town  ??
Gateway Ahib Conflict Zone · Night Crow Post · Marcha Outpost · Forgotten Gateway
Connection Duvencrune Farmland · Khalk Canyon · Sherekhan Necropolis · Harak's Shelter · Morning Fog Post · Windy Peak · Gayak Altar · Fountain of Origin · Gervish Mountains · Dormann Lumber Camp · Khimut Lumber Camp · Tshira Ruins · Marak Farm
Trading Post  ??
Dangerous Akum Rocky Mountain · Garmoth's Nest · Blood Wolf Town
Non-node Great Khimut Forest · Hoom Highland · Doroter Hills · Tuir Valley · Night Crow Hill · Macalod Hill · Work in progress

Additional information

-검은사막- 신규 지역, 용의 땅 드리간

-검은사막- 신규 지역, 용의 땅 드리간

Drieghan introduction.

According to the knowledge section, the territory is divided into:

  • Drieghan Neutral Zone
  • Drieghan Autonomous Region
  • Kamasylvia Conflict Zone

There are three roads to access the region.

The nodes to link to the region are as follows:


  • Drieghan was released in Korea on 8th March 2018.
  • This territory has been renamed several times since the alpha stages of the game. First known as two separate regions called Viking territory and Giant territory, later named Dragan. Changed to Dreegan and finally written as Drieghan. The currently released region in Korea matches with the earlier Giant territory.
  • It was considered the homeland of the dwarves and some time ago they were expelled by the giants who seemed to rose up in rebellion. Newer sources discredit this information and it does not seem to be mentioned at first glance in the released Drieghan.[10] Sources: English and Korean.


  1. Text from the korean main page of the game.
  2. This region has no official name. Snowland, Alpine/Highland region and Land of the witches have been used until now.
  3. Also known as Rodilita, Arid Lands and the Land of Thorns.
  4. There's no name for the territory to the south of Drieghan. According to Kamasylvian and Drieghan's lore it's either the territory of the Salun Bears, the Arid Lands or the Land of Thorns/Thornbush. No known boundary lines for any of those.
  5. Metaphor for having a very short history.
  6. This refers to the Sherekhan.
  7. Korean source from the main game page. Sixth icon (rightmost one in the bottom).
  8. Credit to user Zael from BDRP's Discord for helping with the translation.
  10. Will be updated if any new sources of this prior lore reappear whenever the region is available to NA/EU.