Type Crafting Material
Subtype Fruit/Seed
Weight 0.10 Weight
Value 19 Silver


This common agricultural product of Calpheon and Balenos is often used as a staple grain ingredient for Cooking. Corn can be grown through Farm Production using workers or you can cultivate it yourself if you have the proper seeds. It can be used as an ingredient for various dishes.

How to Obtain

It can be produced at Toscani Farm. It can also be obtained by Farming Corn Seeds in a Garden or by Gathering corn using bare hands or a Hoe.

Nodes That Produce It

Node Name Node Manager Territory Contribution Points
Toscani Farm Ovidio Toscani Balenos 2


Corn can be used in Cooking and Processing. It can also be used by workers to craft certain items.


(See individual product pages for possible other materials/ingredients needed.)

Product Amount Required Crafting Method Skill Required
Beer icon Beer 5x Corn Cooking Skilled (1)
Grain Soup icon Grain Soup 6x Corn Cooking Skilled (1)
Lizard Kebab icon Lizard Kebab 7x Corn Cooking Skilled (5)
Omelet icon Omelet 5x Corn Cooking Skilled (9)
Vinegar icon Vinegar 1x Corn Cooking Skilled (1)
Corn Flour Icon Corn Flour 1x Corn Grinding Beginner (0)
Grain juice icon Grain Juice 3x Corn Cooking Beginner (0)
Inorganic fertilizer icon Inorganic Fertilizer 5x Corn Drying Beginner (0)

Worker production:

(See individual product pages for possible other materials needed.)

Design or License Amount Required Residence Required
Corn Crate icon Corn Crate 10x Corn Workshop Level 1


Corn is considered a type of Grain in Black Desert Online.