Chopping is a crafting skill which allows you to chop timber to create planks to use in further crafting. You do not need any tools to chop, just hitting 'L' by default is enough.

For more advanced chopping you need to learn the knowledge "Chopping: Beginner" from Furniture Dealer Lebyos in Heidel City. The quest line leading to his quest is given by Jemkas in Northern Guard Camp at Gathering level Apprentice (4). He asks you to use the fence and seed he gives there to plant the seed, then go to Alejandro Farm, followed by sending you to Workshop Manager Ficy in Heidel City. The latter gives you "Learning Higher Processing Skills" which are three quests, one of them teaches the knowledge of Chopping: Beginner.


Product Created Ingredient #1 Ingredient #2 Skill Required
Loopy Tree Plywood
Loopy Tree Plank