Basic Information

Boats can be built and sold in Black Desert or used to traverse the rivers and seas. Boats are integral for fishing and Whaling as fish caught in the sea can be sold or traded for good profit.

To get access to a boat of your own you must:

  1. Buy a house with Shipyard option by investing contribution points
  2. Craft a ship license of a boat
  3. Register the license with a Ferry Crossing Keeper

Then you can freely take out your ship or store it back at the Ferry Crossing Keeper, similar to land Mounts.

Making a Ship License

Your workers can craft any ship license, provided that:

  • the house has Shipyard facility (and the correct upgrade level)
  • there are materials in your Warehouse
  • the worker has Stamina (each ONE resource requires ONE Stamina from the worker - eg. 25 Logs for the Raft License requires 25 Stamina). Refill stamina with worker consumables like beer or cheesecake you either cook yourself or buy from the marketplace.

To start crafting, select the correct ship type at the top bar (arrows at left / right to choose), then you can start putting materials into it. When one ship is in the middle of being crafted you cannot start crafting another ship license. Select a material and the amount to be contributed into the ship license, and the worker will work on it.

When all resources are put together, the license item will be crafted and put in your Warehouse.