The Ancients are some mythical people of the world of Black Desert. Their artifacts and contraptions can still be found in some places like the Ancient Stone Chamber in Balenos: once mechanical or magically animated seeming creatures which are now still and without any reaction. The chamber and its entrance room is otherwise filled with stone sculptures dressed like priests, fear on their faces and lifelike frozen mid-motion as if trying to escape from something. One interpretation is that the these were living people who were turned into stone by the Ancient's defense mechanism as they entered a place forbidden to them.

Murals inside the inner chamber depict what is supposed to be a legend of the Ancients and the prophecy of the fall of Cron Castle. Deciphering the murals and their script is ongoing and has proven very difficult but some pieces are revealed, among them the a story about the Kabuas.

Edana, the first Awakened

In these old times there were several tribes living, among them the Kabuas. One of the Kabua called Edana was the first to "overcoming his ego" (fighting himself in the murals) and became their unmatched leader. Edana was worshiped and is shown to give the Black Stones to the Ancients, which proved a source of both bliss and disaster for the people. What race Edana belonged to is not clear but he interacted with both Humans and Barbarian (?) and was the guardian of the Black Stones and their use.

Edana did not age ("the eternally young") but he died one day. The priests of the Kabua mourned him passionately and covered his corpse under Black Stones. Much to their surprised a while later Edana awoke again to live now as "Awakened". But he was not immortal and when he died again it was permanent and he never re-emerged again.

The story of Edana is researched and deciphered by a diverse group of Adventurers and language specialists with a Human called Edan as leader. Nobody knows where he came from or if his name is related to Edana.

Prophecy of the Fall of Cron Castle

Cron Castle was founded by Agris III. He is depicted sitting on an altar while his vassals bow to him. The original Immortal Alchemist gave Agris III a scroll which enabled Agris III to summon Hadum, the God of Darkness and thus obtain immense power. The Immortal Alchemis is depicted as placing a summoning stone onto the altar and performing a ritual to summon Hadum. Whatever happened afterwards lead to an explosion, the death of Agris, the destruction of Cron Castle, and the Immortal Alchemist fleeing.

Afterwards a last mural depicts an event that hasn't happened yet: Velian's symbol, which is strongly damaged, is shown as floating above a fire. The inscription says "Black Castle. Let it end, in seclusion. Black Angels ... Without anything in return, let us put all swords and shields to the fire, and severe the chains at last.".